An American Town in the Tropics

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An American Town in the Tropics.

Naples is a beautiful American town in the Tropics. This short video story is about some of the sites of this vibrant Florida town on the Gulf of Mexico.

Naples has a very cute downtown.  It also has its own little slice of Venice.  And it is full of all kinds of different neighborhoods – we call them communities.

My wife and I were born at the sea and love the beach.  We dreamed that, when we quit the rat race, we will be able to settle down at the warm sea.  So, after our long careers, when the time came, we transplanted our family from Northern California to Naples.

To get a feeling of why people come here, let us review the local climatic environment a bit.

We call most people who migrate to South-West Florida – the wonderful “In-Land” people.  Most of them love to play golf at the more than 90 golf courses in and around Naples.

They run their A/C year-around and will seldom walk on the beach.  If they do, it is only when it is appropriately cool.

But the water and the beautiful heat are very foreign to them.  We truly, truly love them, because they leave miles and miles of empty Florida beaches and the sea … to us!

It is beautiful here.  Just look at this beauty!

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