Since the first civilization of man, the tradition of capturing and sharing travel stories has been a way to preserve and advance our social structure, and has been universally important in cultures all over the world.
We are interested in travel stories.  About things people do and places they visit, their successes and disappointments, the food they cook and the wine they share.
If you have video or written travel stories, drop us a note at, we will endeavor to place them in our Blog.  The blog entries are clearly attributed to their author and are not downloadable.
Please take a look at some of the stories in Travel Blog.

We are a husband and wife team who travel and create video and written travel stories about places, people, history and cultures we meet.
Our goal is to inspire you to travel and along the way describe your experience with your camera or a writing tool.
Maria and James
Maria and James Storytellers
We spent our careers in the high-tech computer and software industry in Silicon Valley.  We worked in digital video, electronic publishing and consulting companies.  We also founded a couple of start-ups in the Valley.
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