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Neapolitan Challenge.

When we arrived to Naples we had a small challenge.  Since we elected not to stay at high-end hotels, and only had two small suitcases and back-packs with equipment, after a week in Italy, we had to find a laundry shop.

A taxi driver named Salvatore was helping us in this endeavor.

We did not succeed.  It turns out, that in Naples one can easily find dry cleaning service, but not a laundry service.  The washing, one can only do at the self-service coin-operated shops.

Through this interesting experience we befriended Salvatore.  So, when the next day we had to visit five archeological sites, we asked Salvatore to take us there.

Ancient Rome and Magna Graecia in Southern Italy and Sicily
Our trip of a lifetime was to tour the antiquity of Ancient Rome and Magna Graecia in Southern Italy and Sicily.  We wanted to capture the trip in time and space through an Ancient Rome Travel Video so we could revisit memories we treasure, and share the incredible sights with our friends and family.

My wife and I are history buffs and always wanted to visit the ancient Roman ruins and excavated sites that are scattered along the Italian peninsula and Sicily.  So, our goal for this trip was to have a lot of fun, while hugging some good-looking ancient stones along the way.

Trials and tribulations and incredible wonders were in store for us as we set out to visit as many of the lesser known excavations as we could.  The places few have heard of: The amphitheater in Capua that is almost as large as the Coliseum in Rome, the eerie, towering 2,500-year-old temples in Paestum, and many other ancient cities overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.

Around the ancient ruins we also enjoyed glorious Positano on the Amalfi coast, eating sweet “dolci” at night after simple meals with fabulous Italian wine.

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