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Monemvasia, Greece


This High Dynamic Range (HDR) video will appear in your browser as a “standard” HDTV.  However, to watch the true HDR version on a large screen, you need OLED HDR-capable TV and one of two setups:

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Monemvasia is located on a small island off the coast of Peloponnesus. We are at the coast and it is clear why the name is Monemvasia. Mone and Emvasia are two Greek words meaning Single Entrance. The island is linked to the mainland by a single 330-yard causeway. Our destination is a hotel address in town. A pleasant female voice from Google maps is telling us to proceed across the causeway. We comply and, as we drive by the water around the mountain, we get to this gate. The pleasant voice concludes: “You have arrived!” We burst out laughing. We are not in the town and there is definitely no hotel here.

It turns out that the town’s narrow medieval streets can be traversed only on foot. We park our car on the side of the mountain and are rolling our suitcases a quarter a mile to the hotel. We later found out that one can hire a porter for 5 euros.

The town was founded in 583 AD by the inhabitants of the mainland seeking refuge from the Slavic and the Avaric invasions of Greece. It is a jewel.

Monemvasia is nested on the side of the mountain and on the other three sides is enclosed by a high wall. It has several terraces of streets. which are slowly being restored. On the plateau-type top of the mountain there are ruins of a fortress and a church.

We are planning our trip to the top later, but first we are going to walk through this gorgeous little town.

As we enter the gate, we are in the main street full of little restaurants and shops.

But just a turn from the main street are the streets of the lower or upper terraces.

From the porch of our hotel room and from the café in front of the hotel there is a nice view of the Aegean.

Most of the restaurants in town are also facing the sea and, as we dine, we can enjoy the view.

Today, it is time to get up the mountain to the ruins of the fortress.

There are several narrow trails on the side of the mountain below the rock wall, but only one clear way to get to the top and it is steep. But is worth it for the vista alone.

At the north-eastern end of the plateau at the edge of the cliff is the 12th century St. Sophia church.

Greece – land of ancient civilizations, beautiful Byzantine churches and soulful songs.

From the Parthenon to the wonderful islands in the Aegean Sea, the history, splendid country sides and the quaint small towns – Greece is magical.

These travel videos will take you to ancient sites, like Olympia, Delphi, Athens’ Acropolis, Constantinople and many more. Come along.


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