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Argentina Travel Video.

In 2010 we went to South America for the first time.  This post will house different sections / video clips of this Argentina travel video.  As I tease them out of the film, they will appear in no particular order and, hopefully, stand on their own as appealing individual video biography stories.

People’s Tango.

After seeing a professional street version of the dance and the tango of the ordinary people, one can can get a sense of the emotions and traditions of this truly Argentinian art form.

Gaucho’s Ballad.

We visited an Argentinian ranch, and after a great horseback ride, and a wonderful lunch in the rustic dining room, we heard a ballad sung by a very colorful Gaucho.

Leaving Buenos Aires at Sunset.

It was our first ever cruise.  Ordinarily we do not travel with 5K people, but … we will make the best of it.

Leaving Buenos Aires at sunset gave us a gorgeous sight to see us off.

Ship at Sea Toccata.

A redeeming value of sea cruises is the experience of a “Ship at Sea.”  I took some liberty with Bach’s “Fugue in D Minor.”