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Tarragona, Spain.


This High Dynamic Range (HDR) video will appear in your browser as a “standard” HDTV.  However, to watch the true HDR version on a large screen, you need an Apple TV 4K box connected to an OLED HDR-capable TV.  Start the app called Vimeo in Apple TV and search for “Tarragona, Spain. HDR”.

Situated on a 300-foot-tall rock, and called Tarraco by Romans, the city is just north of the river Ebro.  During the Roman Republic, the city was fortified and enlarged by the brothers Scipio, who converted it into a fortress against the Carthaginians.  The sign on the building in Latin says: “Tarraco The Work of Scipionus.”

In the early imperial times Augustus built many city buildings and there is his statue at one of them.

The remains of an ancient Roman circus, where they held the chariot games, both above and below ground, are giving us a perspective of the size of the city in those days.

There is also a Roman theater overlooking the Mediterranean. There are also the ancient walls of the city – the oldest Roman construction outside of Italy still standing.

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