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Life Videos Based on Family Stories.

It was not until we created a Life Video based on our own family stories that my daughter, whom my husband had adopted when she was 10, truly realized how much love we had shared as a family while she was growing up.  That’s when she began calling him “Dad” for the first time. Like ours, every family has unique stories.  Every 10 years brings enormous change.  Children are born, people are married, careers begin and soar, achievements are recognized and retirements are celebrated. To preserve the memories of these treasured events, families keep an abundance of photographs and videos in multiple formats, typically dispersed among different members and locations.  With time memories inevitably fade and are rarely revisited especially since each member experienced events from their own unique angle, seldom truly known by others.

A Life Video brings the memories of the evolution of a family, and the recollections of each member, into vivid color and sound.  It follows each sub-story of the family history. A combination of photos, video footage and interviews, expertly edited, creates a Life Video recalling not only the events, but also how individual members experienced them.  Children remember what it was like growing up together; parents remember their heritage and can “translate” it to their children and grandchildren; grandparents relive their early history and can follow the tales of their children’s lives and families. In essence, a Life Video, following family stories, celebrates the glorious singularity of the family through a compelling movie to be shared and viewed over and over, now and tomorrow.

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