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When We Met Section of a Video Biography.

“I think, therefore I am.”  Descartes 1637, is one of the most celebrated quotes in existence and it probably tells us why one might want to have a video biography – documentary based on one’s unique view of life.  As individuals we are the only ones who know who we are and which thoughts have influenced the decisions and outcomes in our lives – our marriage, our family, our education and career. It is true that throughout our lives we share our thoughts in conversation, in letters and sometimes on photos and video with those we love and respect.  But different people glean a different glimpse of who we are at different times in our lives.

Eventually though, some of us want to assemble and share a complete portrait of who we are.  If we have a knack for the written word we can compose a written autobiography. Alternatively, we can choose to create a multidimensional video biography based on our story.  This video biography lets us articulate in our own words, with photos, video and may be in an interview, the progression of our lives along a life timeline.

The short clip posted here is an example of a typical When We Met section of a video biography, describing meeting one’s spouse and subsequent marriage.

All couples remember how they met. Here, this event is captured in a short video, where a couple is interviewed, describing their first date and subsequent marriage.