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In the past life stories were shared around the fireplace by the family master storyteller, who thrilled and awed the audience, passing on tales from one generation to the next.  At that time people lived in the general area of their birth all their lives and getting together was easy.  As civilization progressed, story telling was shared on rare occasions through carefully preserved notes, drawings and later photographs.  Now those fading, priceless photographs are relegated to albums gathering dust.

Today technology brings back the master storyteller of days past through video and audio biographies and travel videos permitting people to chronicle life’s travels and experiences in a compelling and lasting format.  A personal video biography or travel video combines interviews with photos and videos producing the story in a format familiar to this generation and will enthrall and excite all members of the family, young and old, close or distant, today and tomorrow!

Your Story could fall into one of three types of video stories: Your Life & Family video biography, Short video biography or Travel video.

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WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Your Life & Family Video Biography.  This is about your and your spouse’s life history and how you built your family.  The video biography includes your and your spouse’s roots and childhoods, how you met and married, your careers, your children’s histories, the holidays together and other important family events.

  • Short Video Biography.  This short story focuses on a part of your life or career presented in a few video biography chapters.  The chapters might be about your and your spouse’s roots and how you met and married, or about your children’s childhood and achievements, or it might pay tribute to someone in the family, or it might be a message you want to communicate to someone.

  • Travel Video.  This type of video biography-documentary is your travel story.  It may be about the trip of a lifetime or just about a place that felt magical.  Or it may be about the feeling you had when your family experienced something new together.

WHAT STORY LINE ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Several parallel story lines.  One of the three types of video biography – the life and family video biography merges several family story lines into a complete family picture.  The video biography may tell the story from the perspective of different family members.

  • Single, or several parallel story lines.  Depending on video biography chapters selected for this short story, the video biography might follow a single or several short story lines.

  • Single story line.  The travel video biography can follow your trip as you discover new places and make new friends or it may describe a particular place you come to love and visit again and again.

WHO IS IT FOR ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • For you.  A member of your family might commission a video biography for you.  It will make you feel very special.
  • For your family and friends.  You might commission the video biography for a member of your family or your friend.  They will treasure the memories of achievements, challenges and the special moments.
  • For a person who influenced you.  You might want to pay homage to someone special and use a video biography to chronicle their achievements.

WHAT OCCASION ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For a special occasion or at any time.   You might commission a video biography for a birthday, a reunion, a holiday, a family gathering, after a trip or for any other special event to tell your story.

MOVIE LENGTH ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

45-90 minutes

5-10 minutes

5-30 minutes

The length of the movie will depend on the video biography type, the subject, the timespan and the detail you would like to cover.

TIME TO COMPLETE ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2-3 months

1-3 weeks

1-4 weeks

The amount of time to complete the project will depend on the video biography type and the resulting movie length.

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