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Video Biography Sections.

This post will house different sections / video clips of a video biography.  As I tease them out of the entire film, they will appear in no particular order and, hopefully, stand on their own as appealing individual video biography stories.

A typical video biography of ones life and/or family is a family history in a video form. It may include your and your spouse’s roots and childhoods, how you met and married, your careers, your children and grandchildren’s histories, the holidays together and other important family events.

Some of the sections consist mostly of interview clips, while others are a composition of video clips, photographs and other visuals.  To facilitate the storytelling the clips also contain narration and music overlaying the visuals.

Together Around the Hearth.

Around the hearth one should be cooking and we are perpetually.

As my youngest daughter was growing older I slowly started cooking interesting food to live up to her name for me: “The Cooker.”

Ever since my oldest daughter was ten, she watched me cook with interest.  Then she started preparing food herself and became quite good at it.  And her younger sister also tried to pitch in whenever she was in the mood.

Thanksgiving, of course, was a major cooking event. First by myself, and then with my daughter, we cooked our thanksgiving feasts using Bon Appetit’s annual holiday recipes.

In 2007 my oldest daughter decided to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.  She studied there for several years and graduated in 2011.  Nice!

Running for Spirit Commissioner.

In middle school our daughter ran for Spirit Commissioner and rehearsed for the school video.

My Daughter’s Tender Song.

Our daughter singing “If We Hold On Together.”

It was one of those moments. unstaged, spontaneous child’s expression.  We never forget these!

Silicon Valley to Tropics.

Both my wife and I spent our childhoods by the warm sea.  It is a part of our fondest memories.

Our need for sun, a hot beach by a warm sea and balmy nights never leaves us.  We always missed it.

Over the years, we took advantage of Club Med and our own choices to travel the world to savor warm seas wherever we could.

South of Florida is the only tropical area in the continental US.  We always wanted to move there.

In July of 2011 we packed the boxes, loaded them and my wife’s car on the movers’ trailers and then the four of us, including our youngest daughter and golden retriever, got in our SUV and headed across our beautiful country …

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