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Celebrate With a Tribute Video

How many times have you thought to yourself: “I wish I had something extraordinarily special to give to this person?”  Or, is there someone whom you admire deeply whom you want to honor in the most elegant and esteemed way?

A Tribute Video is a way to celebrate such a person with distinction and recognition.  It is a way to share the story of how this person earned the respect and praise they so clearly deserve.  A tribute video is usually shared at a milestone event.  A wedding, a retirement party or, to support your loved ones during bereavement.  In creating a tribute video, typically a group of individuals participate.  They provide their personal perspective of the person for whom you are creating the video, as well as the experiences they have shared.  Often this is captured during an interview, speaking freely on camera, telling their story.

For example, for a retirement tribute video, you would interview professional collegues, family members and friends, and often include visual materials of things the person created during their professional career.

It might begin with the person’s graduation ceremony pictures and diploma, and then the story would lead the viewer sequentially, year by year, or job by job, up until the retirement feast.  Or it might focus on a particularly impactful professional point in a person’s life, where they perhaps won the praise of the leadership in their community or at work.

Sometimes the person you want to celebrate with a tribute video has published some particularly interesting book, article or film, or created an academic or business model that was highly recognized and received.  This could become the central theme of the tribute video.  Imagine the delight and pride your family member, friend or collegue would feel to be recognized in front of family and peers in this elegant manner.

Creating any professionally crafted tribute video requires exacting attention to detail, creativity, a robust and tested process and an abilitiy to listen.  As you see, a tribute video can be approached in many ways, from many different angles and it can be long or short, while equally effective.

Contact us and we will provide a curtesy consultation to help you sort through the process and discuss the outcomes you are looking for in a tribute video. Such a project takes some time.  We need to create the story line, interview people, assemble, digitize and store your visuals.  Our expert editors, will weave the material into one cohesive story while adhering strictly to your vision.

We have experience in helping people tell their story and we look forward to an opportunity to assist you.