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Our life takes us to many places.

The desire to travel is in our blood.  Anthropologists tell us that many thousands of years ago, man began to slowly travel from Africa to what we now call the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  We traveled in quest of nourishment, escape from danger and deteriorating weather conditions, but always learning and developing to take on new challenges.

Most of us travel at some point or another, some of us more, some less, some for education or work, and some for knowledge and pleasure and to explore the world. Travel is an adventure.  The trials and tribulations as well as surprises and unexpected joy.

Some of us are fortunate enough to take the trip of our lifetime to a destination for which we feel deep seated wonder and curiosity, and where we travel to fulfill a dream.

So, on your next trip, take your cameras and other video biography equipment and capture your memorable experience.

Travel Video

This type of video biography is your travel story or travel video.  It may be about the trip of a lifetime or just about a place that felt magical.  Or it may be about the feeling you had when your family experienced something new together.

Single Story Line

The travel video has a Single Story line which follows your trip as you discover new places and make new friends, or which may describe a particular place you come to love and visit again and again.