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Discussing Short Story Video Biographies.

If your life was captured in a book, which key “chapters” would you like the reader to focus on?  Your heritage?  Your marriage?  Your career?  Your child’s achievements?  Every one of us has one or many different chapters we often think about which were pivotal in our lives.  Would it not be wonderful to capture one of these chapters to share with our family and friends?

Short Video Biography

This short story format focuses on a part of your and/or your spouse’s life or career presented in a few video biography chapters. The chapters might be about your and your spouse’s roots and how you met and married, or about your children’s childhood and achievements, or it might pay tribute to someone in the family.

Single, or Several Parallel Story Lines

Depending on the video biography chapters selected for this short story, the short video biography might follow a single or several short story lines.

With a short story video biography – documentary you can express one or more of your life’s chapters in bright colors and rich sound, captivating whomever you want to share it with – your spouse, your children, your extended family, your friends or coworkers.