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A Legacy Video combines interviews, photos and other media, creating a movie in a compelling video format – one familiar and exciting to the young adults and their children. Rather than old photo albums, letters, and “stories by the fireplace” which may lack the longevity and drama a Legacy Video will bring you will create a gift for yourself, your children and your parents.  It becomes a valued heirloom in its own right and captures the imagination family members who today favor visual and interactive environments.

Imagine having your parents, grandparents and any other member with intimate knowledge about your family history, in front of the camera, bringing back the stories of what they remember about previous generations. As they are being interviewed, events they might have forgotten come streaming in, bringing surprising and colorful additions to their stories.

Imagine a cohesive visual story that is vibrant and bright letting all participating family members tell their tales on camera through interviews, through other videos, integrated with photos and other media. It will enthrall and excite all members of the family, young and old.

Legacy Video – Life in Pictures

Imagine children, who often lack the patience to sit down and listen to a single story, see and hear the people who are dearest to them live, laugh and share their stories in front of their eyes in vivid and lively color. In today’s world of video entertainment, they will be captivated with the Legacy Video as the story drives forward, interlaced with new interviews, older video recordings, legacy photos and other visual material, into one cohesive and compelling Legacy Video.

One of the first sections of a Video Biography usually describes your family roots, which may include the stories about your Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents and your childhood.  The other sections will follow life’s journey, the stories about building your family and raising children.