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Family History Video for Your Family and Friends

We would love to help more people realize their vision of a family history video.  Contact us, and we will chat about your ideas and offer you guidance.  A family history video is deeply personal.  It requires one to consider visual material – past and present – and can include old and new photos, videos, film and treasured documents.  It may include newspaper clippings and other documents from one’s professional life.

The story must be the first step when embarking on the creation of a family history video.  One should make the decision as to what story one wants to tell, and how to tell it.  Sometimes this decision is guided by the visuals one have available.  There are many ways to tell a story.  Should the story be anchored to a single family member, with all associated visuals flowing from that person’s life?  Should the story be constructed around a central theme?  A theme that drives the story from the beginning to the end?

One can choose a theme like “Roots” and concentrate on the family ancestry – as far back as one has information.  It can include one’s recollections as a child of stories about family ancestors.

Or one can choose a theme that is focused on the life lived – childhood, parents, younger adult life, marriage, children, professional life, and perhaps the retirement.  This can also include information about ancestry.

Even if you are not quite ready to embark on this process, we would like to help with suggestions on how to assemble, digitize and store your family visuals.  We produce professional family history videos and conduct interviews for clients on location anywhere within the continental USA.